Money Smarts

Managing your money isn’t easy, and it is even tougher if you are managing college and money. But don’t despair: Even small savings can add up quickly. Some tips:

  1. Time is money. The quicker you finish your degree, the sooner you are finished with tuition costs and, hopefully, start seeing the payoffs in your paycheck.

  2. Search for scholarships. Register at, which allows you to search from among 1.5 million scholarships, including many just for adults. Some amounts are small, but even $100 can help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

  3. Share expenses. Find a friend to swap babysitting hours with you so you can study. Carpool with a classmate.

  4. Bring your own. Avoid paying higher prices for food and drinks. Pack a lunch or dinner and bring your own, refillable water bottle.

  5. Become an expert. Like learning to read, learning to manage money is a lifelong skill. Many colleges and universities offer financial literacy classes. You can also consult, a website with easy-to-understand videos explaining the basics about credit cards, buying a car, debt, saving and health care.

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