Financial Aid Planner

August, September, October and November
Look at all the opportunities available in your area and online. Visit with admissions advisors and research online. When you apply, ask about financial aid, scholarships and grant aid.

January 1
FAFSA season opens! Apply at

February 21
College Goal Sunday brings expert FAFSA help to a location near you. Find out more at

March 10
FAFSA due for upcoming 2016-2017 academic year

May 15
All FAFSA corrections are due
(if you estimated tax information, entered the wrong state or had incomplete information).

Financial Aid Tip:

“Students need to be aware that there is funding available for college. Although loans are not a popular source of funding educational costs, federal loans offer very low interest rates and special repayment options that traditional private loans lack. Federal Direct loans make the dream of completing a college degree within reach. 

Filing the FAFSA is the first and most important step toward securing funds to finance a college education. Students have options and schools are willing to work with each student who has a desire to obtain a college education. I would advise that students reach out to the financial aid office of the institution they would like to attend and have a candid conversation with a financial aid administrator.”

    — Mary Jo Harper, director of Student Financial Assistance, University of Southern Indiana

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