Will These Credits Transfer?

You started a degree at one college. Had to stop after a couple of semesters. Started again a few years later, but stopped again. Now you want to finish your degree, but all you have is a bunch of credits from a few different places. What can you do?

It is not an uncommon situation, according to Tari Lambert, director of the Indiana Core Transfer Library.
“So many students have started down one educational path but dropped out for one reason or another,” Lambert says.

LearnmoreIndiana.org can help you sort out what courses you’ve taken will transfer among which Indiana colleges and universities. But the best strategy is to contact the colleges where you might enroll to see what previous credit might give you the boost you need to finish.

There’s no substitute for meeting face-to-face with an advisor who can help you sort out what you need to get your college and career plans back on track, Lambert says.

“The students who are most successful are the ones who don’t let someone shut them down when they start the process,” Lambert says. “It can be complex, but students shouldn’t be daunted by that. Instead, keep your educational goals out in front of you and take advantage of all the campus resources available to you. There will be people on your side who want to help.”

Learn more about college opportunities for adults at LearnMoreIndiana.org.

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