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More Education, at Any Age, Anywhere

It’s never too late to advance your career and improve your life through education.

In Indiana, there’s something for everyone, with more than 100 choices in colleges and universities. You can go big, go small, or stay home, thanks to online degree programs.

Confused? Don’t be. There are so many resources available, starting with, which has special advice and options for adult learners.

Get Started

  • Get a high school diploma if you don’t have one. Visit for Indiana Adult Education sites near you.
  • Research careers at to narrow down your career interests and educational requirements.
  • Visit—online or in person—the college campus or campuses that offer degree programs of interest.
  • Ask your employer for recommendations if you’d like to pursue training or college degree programs—and, if the company offers education perks like tuition reimbursement, flexible hours, or other incentives.
  • List challenges you’re facing: childcare, transportation, work demands.
  • List resources you can count on: family members, co-workers, employer, your local community college or university campus.
  • Know what you need. Do you need a master’s degree to reach your career goal? Or will an associate degree do the job? Do your research by talking with folks in your desired industry or online at

Next Steps

  • Explore financial aid opportunities at
  • Pick up the phone. Speak to admissions officers at several colleges and universities to get a feel for what might be possible.
  • Take a campus tour. Look for special resources that can help smooth your return to the classroom, such as a writing center or tutoring center.
  • Ask to sit in on a class or meet with a professor.
  • Check into opportunities to transfer credits you’ve already earned. You can check Indiana’s Core Transfer Library. (

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