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Ever hear of a MOOC? That acronym stands for “Massive Open Online Course.” MOOCs are free, online courses offered by leading universities.

Two of the largest MOOC sites, Coursera and edX, provide links to literally thousands of courses from universities around the world, in various languages. Examples include robotics, anatomy, computer science and marketing analytics. Many are self-paced, allowing you to study whenever you like.

If you’d like to explore coursework before making a commitment to a particular field of study, or would like to enhance your knowledge in a particular area, auditing a MOOC might be a good option.

Although many MOOCs are free of charge, some require a fee—especially those that allow you to earn a certificate or provide additional features, such as access to professors or assessments. Check with your employer to see if a MOOC course might benefit your career, or, if you’re hoping to eventually earn a degree, don’t assume other colleges will accept those credits.

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