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Finish college strong

If you’re in your final year of college, you might be tempted to kick back and enjoy your last semesters on campus. Resist that temptation.

Even if you have a job lined up, it’s important to maintain the discipline that has gotten you this far and finish college strong. You’ll need it when your work life begins or if you’re trying to get into grad school.

Here are some tips to avoid slacking off with the finish line in sight:

  • Remember why you went to college in the first place. Those goals of a satisfying career and a better life still exist. Write yourself a note about what inspired you to attend and keep the note handy.
  • Don’t procrastinate. Easier said than done, right? The distractions are stacking up, so you’ll need extra resolve to prepare for exams and make sure you’re on track to finish major projects.
  • Be prepared to say “no.” As you close out your college career, the opportunities for distraction will grow. Be strong enough to say “no” when one of those distractions is going to put you behind on an assignment or other important obligation.
  • Ask for help if you need it. When you were a freshman, you might have needed help because you were overwhelmed or unprepared for the level of work expected of you. The reasons might have changed, but if you’re falling behind, work with instructors or counselors to get back on track.
  • Mind your health. Once again, you might revisit your freshman self and remember that you had to take care of yourself first by eating a good diet and getting enough sleep before you could successfully meet all your obligations. Or maybe you didn’t take care of yourself. Don’t make that mistake again.

A note to 21st Century Scholars

If you’ve gotten this far (and you graduated from high school in 2019 or after), you already know you need to complete the College Scholar Success Program every year to maintain your scholarship. Just log into your ScholarTrack account at to report your progress.

And if you’ll soon graduate as a 21st Century Scholar, be sure to find out how you can stay engaged with the program by becoming a mentor, participating in networking opportunities and donating to the program financially.

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