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Need a connection to a great internship? was created just for you. is a free internship-matching program that connects students and employers with internship opportunities in Indiana through an online database of more than 6,300 students, 7,200 employers and 700 available positions.

You can even get personal assistance—including a hotline to answer questions and provide internship guidance and resource materials.

New this year: After you create a profile on, you can name and save your internship searches in your workspace. Now, with your permission, will text you (no more than one per day) when a new internship matching that search name is added to the site.

Executive Director Janet Boston says students are recognizing the importance of additional internships beyond those required by their school. She advises students to consider seeking internship opportunities—including project-based and virtual, in which work is done remotely—as their schedules allow.

“We encourage students to have as many internships and job experiences as they can handle,” she says. “Multiple internships allow students to really explore opportunities and build and expand their professional networks.”

Boston offers additional tips:

  • Research companies when you apply for their internships. “You want to be prepared and show you’ve done your homework,” she says.
  • Don’t bring your mother to the interview. Think she’s joking? Boston says one employer reported that a prospective intern did just that. Be a professional adult: Don’t look at your phone (better yet, turn it off and put it out of sight). Make eye contact. Dress professionally. Visit for more advice.
  • Say thank you. Send a handwritten note, or, at least, an appreciative email with a few key details about what you learned and shared during the interview. “Edit all your written correspondence and ask a trusted person to read it over, too,” Boston advises. That goes for cover letters and resumes, too, she adds.
  • It’s a small, small world. You’ll be shocked at how often people you meet will know—and talk to—others in your career field. Build your network with credibility and a reputation for hard work. And, stay in touch with the people you meet, who likely genuinely care about the next generation, Boston says. “Stay connected,” she advises. “Don’t wait three years to call and ask for a reference. It’s much better to meet for coffee or send a note periodically to keep that relationship going.”


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Search the INTERN-net

Internships are a valuable way to get a foot in the door for your career of choice. Don’t know where to start or how to find one? is a free, statewide internship matching service. Your college’s Career Center can help, too.



Paid Internship Opportunities

Employment Aid Readiness Network (EARN) Indiana is the state’s work-student program that provides access to paid internship opportunities. As an EARN Indiana intern, you’ll find employers who are excited to help you grow your resume and gain valuable skills to prepare you for life after graduation. Create a free student profile on to find out if you’re eligible for EARN Indiana.

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