From Coal Mine to Hospital

Trent Thomas has been a small-business owner, realtor, factory worker, substitute teacher, auctioneer and coal miner. But in 2012, Thomas was hauling equipment when a mechanical failure sent him hurling down a slope at 95 miles per hour. His spine was nearly crushed in the accident, but his only permanent disability was a damaged pancreas that left him with Type 1 diabetes. “I was introduced to a specialist and nurses who helped me understand the condition and how to maintain a good healthy lifestyle with diabetes,” Thomas says. “That’s what really…

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5 For the Future

In the past year, Indiana has led the nation in job growth. But that doesn’t mean all jobs are created equal: Some sectors of the economy are predicted to do better than others. Read about five Indiana career sectors for the future as well as a short list of jobs for each sector. Find out more about these and all 16 national career clusters at Agriculture, Agribusiness and Food Agriculture and food is a $16 billion industry in Indiana, providing products and services for a global market, according to…

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Life Happens But College Takes Planning

3 Strategies to Make it Work In Indiana, approximately 737,000 Hoosiers have some college credit but no degree. Many students have every intention of finishing college when they start, but life is complicated, and unexpected obstacles—including money, family and even small details like transportation—can throw the best-laid plans off course. But college is an investment of both time and money, and the best way to make it pay off is by finishing your degree or credential. Simplify college and life by thinking strategically about how you’ll make it work. Plan for…

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Money Smarts

Managing your money isn’t easy, and it is even tougher if you are managing college and money. But don’t despair: Even small savings can add up quickly. Some tips: Time is money. The quicker you finish your degree, the sooner you are finished with tuition costs and, hopefully, start seeing the payoffs in your paycheck. Search for scholarships. Register at, which allows you to search from among 1.5 million scholarships, including many just for adults. Some amounts are small, but even $100 can help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. Share…

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