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Roadtrip Nation … A trip worth taking

Roadtrip Nation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that humanizes career exploration through story and empowers individuals to connect their interests to fulfilling lives and careers. Its mission is to give people from all backgrounds the confidence and self-assurance they need to persist through challenges and define success for themselves.

Roadtrip Nation’s founders took their first road trip in 2001, driven by one question: How can you build a life around doing what you love? They set out in a bright green RV to find people across America who loved their work, and hear their stories and advice. Along the way, they realized this was bigger than one road trip—that people from all walks of life could benefit from being exposed to a broader array of career paths and hearing advice from people who’ve walked those paths before them.

Today, Roadtrip Nation sends new groups of people out on road trips every year, to seek out the career and life advice they need. Roadtrip Nation shares these stories through its award-winning documentaries on public television, regionally focused workforce development initiatives and an online video archive featuring thousands of conversations about struggle and success. Roadtrip Nation also provides a process for how to navigate the career journey through classroom curriculums, career discovery resources, live events and the New York Times best-selling career guide, “Roadmap.” Get a copy roadtripnation.com

In 2017, three young adults from Indiana were chosen to road-trip through the state, meet leaders in growing industries, and explore some of the companies fueling Indiana’s growth, from Salesforce to GE Aviation. To watch “State of Change,” the documentary film about their journey—and discover the career opportunities Indiana has to offer—visit: roadtripnation.com/roadtrip/indiana-documentary

While you’re at the Roadtrip Nation site, search “Indiana” and find videos about others with Hoosier connections, including Cirque du Soleil Artistic Director Rob Bollinger.

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