Ready to be a Machinist Now?

The Vincennes University CNC Machinist Now program is designed to prepare veterans and civilian adult learners to become well-rounded entry-level CNC machinists with upward mobility potential.

The 15-week curriculum is a combination of 1/3 machining theory and 2/3 hands-on training. The program provides National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) credentials based on skills needed for a career in CNC machining and manufacturing.

The Vincennes program has been so successful that the training program is being duplicated at the new Gene Haas Training and Education Center in early 2016 through a partnership with the City of Lebanon in central Indiana, according to Doug Bowman, director of the program.

Salary ranges for machinists vary according to location and level of skill, with beginning operators making $10 to $15 per hour, but machinists at the next level can earn $15-$20 and hour and experienced machinists can earn $25 or more an hour.

Applicants take a mechanical aptitude test to qualify and the best candidates have good logic and reasoning skills, are comfortable working with their hands, and have the desire to learn, Bowman says.

“CNC Machinist Now is an accelerated 600 hour training program designed for those who can’t go back to college for two or four years due to family obligations. We get them in and help them get
on the job as quickly as possible,” Bowman says. “In Indiana alone, the Indiana chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association estimates that there are 7,000 vacancies for machinists, a skills
gap it calls a catastrophic problem, so there is a tremendous amount of opportunity.”

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