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More Career Moves

Volunteer. Volunteering can boost your confidence and skills while you build professional connections and deepen your relationship with your community. Seek out groups and associations that relate to your career and ask to join a committee or dedicate your time and talent to a local civic cause. If you don’t know what to do with your life, just help someone—it benefits everyone.

Grab a coffee (even virtually). If there’s someone you admire, consider reaching out about grabbing coffee in person (wear your mask!) or schedule a phone or video chat. Establish ahead of your meeting the purpose. You could say (or email) a friendly message such as: “I’ve always been fascinated by your work with [name of organization or business]. Can I have 30 minutes of your time to learn more about your career path?” Have a list of questions ready and don’t forget to send a note of thanks afterward.

Work with a coach or mentor. Your college or university, student group or professional organization will offer coaching or mentoring opportunities. Set regular meetings to check in and be sure to listen as well as ask questions. 

Seek out a certification. Whether you seek a certification in group fitness, CPR/First Aid, or a Salesforce project management badge, earning a credential always comes in handy and looks good on a resume. 

Pursue a passion project. Give your passions a purpose. Start a blog, design a mural for your community, start a podcast, or create something to share with others. 

Gain a new skill. You can learn a language, participate in a coding academy, take lessons or even watch DIY YouTube videos to pick up a new skill. If you are a parent or have younger relatives, this is a great learning activity to do together—you can set an awesome example, inspire the next generation and create a lasting memory. 

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