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Left brain, right brain, why not both?

You might have heard of STEM—science, technology, engineering and math—the left-brain academic disciplines that schools promote and many employers demand. The lesser-known counterpart to STEM is HASS, which stands for humanities, arts and social sciences. Those right-brain disciplines don’t get as much attention, but they’re in demand, too. Think teachers, communications professionals, artists and people in sales.

While it’s tempting to categorize jobs and people as left brain or right brain, the truth is many people and careers combine both. Enter STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art and math—a newer acronym that recognizes how seemingly different interests can be combined.

Here are 10 careers identified by the digital learning company Everfi that combine art and math:

3D Modeler
Average Salary: $64,000/year
3D modelers use math and visual design. They produce models for virtual reality games, video games, TV and movie animation, and scientific and medical imaging.

Salary: $74,000/year
Animators work in the space where design and technology meet. They’re artistic, but they often use software to produce realistic images.

Front End Development + Web Design
Average Salary: $77,900/year
Developers combine skills in coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript with an eye for design, creating beautiful, functional and easy-to-use websites in every industry.

Product Design
Average Salary: $106,000/year
Product designers work to maximize the functionality of a product. They develop prototypes and test products to ensure they are as beautiful and intuitive to use
as possible.

GIS Technician
Average Salary: $47,000/year
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technicians handle a lot of data, but they also incorporate art by digitizing maps and adjusting them to fit different themes.

Graphic Design
Average Salary: $48,000/year
It’s clear how art and creativity is incorporated into graphic design, but designers use math every day as well to scale images up or down for different mediums.

Average Salary: $77,000/year
Architects design buildings, and while aesthetics play a major role in architectural design, the mathematics behind the design is just as important.

Video Game Design
Average Salary: $73,000/year
Video games are fundamentally rooted in math, but an artistic flair is required to create immersive and fun gameplay.

Sound Engineer
Average Salary: $44,000/year
Sound engineers work with broadcasting and recording equipment, blending sounds to create an ideal result for mediums like digital albums or radio.

Art Conservation
Average Salary: $38,000/year
Art conservators generally have a background in visual arts, but conservators require a deep understanding of chemistry, physics and math as it relates to different mediums of art.

Did you know:
Some of the biggest people in tech have arts degrees

  • YouTube chief executive Susan Wojcicki majored in history and literature.
  • Logitech chief executive Bracken Darrell majored in English.
  • Slack founder Stewart Butterfield majored in English.
  • Airbnb founder Brian Chesky majored in the fine arts.
  • Jack Ma, the chief of Alibaba Group in China, holds a bachelor’s degree in English.

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