Is this Job Right For You? Take a Closer Look

How will you know if you’re headed in the right direction? Before you commit to earning a new degree or start looking for a new job, take a closer look at what that new career might be like. Here’s how:


You can find lots of career information online. Start at, which offers quizzes to help match your personality and interests to a career. The website can help you experience a career, build a resume and learn about career resources all year, but especially during the last week of April, when the Career Ready campaign kicks off.

Get personal:

Get to know the people behind the job title. If you know someone working in the field you hope to break into, make an appointment or lunch date to discuss his or her career. Ask: How did they get the job? What education is required? What recommendations do they have for you?

Try it out. You may already work for a company that hires people in the career field that interests you. Ask your boss if you can take on new responsibilities that will help you move in a new career direction. Or consider a short stint as a volunteer in an organization or field you’d like to work in, such as working with children and youth, accounting, computer or technical work for a charitable organization. Temporary agencies may be able to place you at companies and in industries that give you a closer look at your target career. Another option: Internships. Once just for college students, internships allow anyone of any age to get hands-on experience while exploring a career up close. Learn more from Indiana INTERNnet, a free, statewide internship matching service with hundreds of internships available online at

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