Help Where You Are: Indiana’s WorkOne Centers

WorkOne Career Centers, located in communities across the state, offer jobs info and career counseling to guide Hoosiers to new employment, better jobs, and improving job skills.

WorkOne staff can help any Indiana resident research a new or better job, choose a new career, access training— often at no cost—or get other information about how to find work success.

If you need to improve on the basics, adult education programs can also provide math, reading and writing instruction free of charge to help anyone prepare for college or earn a high school equivalency (HSE) diploma.

The WorkINdiana program allows participants to earn a high school equivalency diploma and improve existing skills by earning one of more than 30 industry certifications—often at no cost—in growing industries like advanced manufacturing, business administration, healthcare, hospitality, information technology or transportation and logistics.

Earning an industry certification is often the first step to better job opportunities and higher wages, says Jackie Dowd, chief operating officer at the Indiana Department of Workforce Development.

“Hoosiers must increase their skill levels to be ready for the jobs Indiana employers have available,” Dowd says. “Our goal for Indiana is that 60% of all Hoosiers will earn a postsecondary credential by 2025, so we are very focused on helping people improve their employability and technical skills.”

For more information, visit, or stop by your local WorkOne to learn more.

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