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Count Us IN

Indiana has a lot going for it—here’s just a sample. 

Hoosier Hospitality

Is Midwestern friendliness real? Count Hoosiers among the believers. 

“When I moved to the West Coast in 2012, I quickly learned that the ease of connecting with others that I’d come to expect in Indiana was difficult to find. After six years of unsuccessful attempts to really find ‘my community’ outside of work, I made the move back to Indianapolis and was welcomed with the open arms I had been missing. I now know how special the kindness of my neighbors near and far really is.” 

—Alessandra Souers, Owner of Essex Marketing Co., Indianapolis

Hoosiers are Generous

In 2019, more than 1.8 million Indiana residents volunteered. Their service has an estimated economic value of more than $4 billion.  

“I am so thankful to live in a state with citizens who love to give back to their communities! While lending a helping hand across the state, I have networked with other Hoosiers and learned that volunteering is the right thing to do because the state and my community have given so much to me. Proud to be an Indiana Hoosier!” 

—Megan Hawkins, Teacher, Shoals Elementary School, Shoals, Indiana

Celebrating Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are elements of every workplace recruitment and retention strategy, and celebrating diversity and inclusion and maintaining a culture of respect and kindness are crucial for our communities.

Tabitha Barbour, Program Director for Indy Pride, Inc.

“I firmly believe that diversity means nothing without equity. It is important to me to highlight the leadership and experiences of Black and Brown folks and trans and non-binary people, who are the most marginalized in the LGBTQ+ community. I am striving to ensure each facet and intersection of our community is celebrated and represented at Indy Pride, Inc. I am challenging myself to create events and programming that are welcoming, affirming and engage the issues that mean the most to our community.” 

—Tabitha Barbour, Program Director for Indy Pride, Inc.

Cultural Destinations

From breathtaking state parks, world class museums, award-winning wineries and breweries, stunning architecture, beautiful landscapes and much more, there are opportunities to fit any lifestyle in Indiana.

Brown County State Park

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