You remember tug-of-war in school—a few “big” kids on one side and everybody else on the other side and everybody else always lost. Well, February 19, 2020 is Tug-of-War Day and after doing a little research, I have discovered that tug-of-war is much more than a playground game where the little kids end up with skinned knees and muddy faces. Take for instance, did you know the U.S. has an official Tug-of-War Association—USATOWA. There are 50+ countries associated with the International governing body called TWIF—The Tug of War International Federation, including the United States. There are formal rules and tactics. There are national and international tournaments, shoe codes, anti-doping tests, indoor and outdoor tournaments, Senior and Junior Championships and even a 14-page magazine/newsletter published three times a year. Did you know Tug-of-War was even an Olympic sport through 1920! I had no idea and I am completely fascinated. I, for one, would LOVE to see this back in the Olympics as an event for men, women and mixed teams. Who is with me?

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