The Machine that will Change Everything

If you don’t believe that Indiana takes racing technology to an entirely new level, then you probably didn’t know that IUPUI (Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis) is the only state university that offers a degree in motorsport engineering. On its own, that fact is yet another interesting detail about why Indiana is the motorsports capital of the world. But if you take a closer look at the public and private-sector collaboration required to bring racing equipment and technology to the classroom, an even more significant story begins to reveal itself about Indiana’s uncanny ability to bring innovation to the marketplace ahead of the competition.

By working together with Indiana University, Purdue University and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, a new project will bring the first American installation of the futuristic Dallara simulator to Indiana in May of 2014, launching an unprecedented collaborative effort involving university professors, students, race teams and racing manufacturers all working together to test, study and refine the next breakthroughs in racing technology. According to Andrea Pontremoli, Dallara’s general manger and executive director, “The simulator will not only increase the technological level of motorsports competitions, but it also aims to go beyond the motorsports industry by promoting the use of these innovative concepts in other hi-tech sectors.”

Leveraging state-of-the-art resources to elevate not only the sport of racing, but the strength of the Hoosier economy, and the career options of its university students is a stunning example of Indiana’s commitment to bring together public and private-sector interests to create new opportunities for business, racing and education. It’s one of the reasons an Italian company like Dallara chose Indiana as the first American site to build its simulator, and the main reason Indiana is the first state to offer a university degree in motorsport engineering.

Having the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in its own backyard is without a doubt the most significant driver in Indiana’s legacy and prowess in motorsports, but the state’s willingness to help facilitate new business relationships between key players, both inside and outside of the racing industry, is the real reason Indiana is a state that works for leveraging individual successes into shared opportunities. When you hear about Indiana taking racing technology to an entirely new level, that’s what people are talking about.

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