Summer 2020 Internships

We know this has been the craziest time for our Indiana students – lockdown; elearning; sports, proms, graduations cancelled; virtual college tours and future plans completely different than they were in March. But now is not the time to give up. Now is the time to take action. For those of you looking for internships for this summer, according to Indiana INTERNnet, there are plenty of Indiana companies looking for interns. Fifty-four percent of those employers are planning to hire between one to three interns and twenty-three percent are planning on hiring 10 or more interns. We know many things have changed in a very short time, but do not let one of those be your future. Apply for your internships today, and let Next Indiana know on Instagram where you will be interning this summer! Follow us on Instagram at @indnextmagazine.

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