Purchase The Best Solar Powered Backpack – Buying Guide

Backpacks are important for hiking purposes and other outdoor activities since it accommodates items one can use. What’s unique is the advent of solar-powered backpacks, especially in the current era of technological innovation and creativity. Typically, the backpacks are powered by the rays of the sun and can keep gadgets such as phones, tablets, or torches on. The solar backpacks utilize the sunny weather to absorb and convert solar energy to electrical energy to ease the charging of such gadgets.

Moreover, it does the work of a normal backpack as it carries belongings. These are thus some of the reasons solar backpacks are gaining more and more prominence. However, it is of great significance to check certain features before acquiring a solar backpack. These include aspects namely the number of solar panels, the number of solar-powered watts, the charging capacity, charging compatibility and the material of the backpack. This article shows 2020 Most selling Solar Backpacks for adventurers. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Allpowers 3-in-1 Business Bag

The Allpowers 3-in-1 Business Bag comes with a low-maintenance laminated collector with an integrated controller, an ultra-thin 6,000-mAh lithium-polymer battery, plus eight handy compartments, including dedicated storage spaces for your tablet, smartphone, and laptop.

Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack

The Voltaic Systems array rapid is an excellent choice among solar panel backpacks for the traveler, the camper, or the college person. Three monocrystalline solar panels with a 3.5-watt output and a 19% efficiency rating (summarizing over 10 watts of solar power) are located on the exterior side of the backpack which will generate electricity for your gadgets when exposed to solar energy. The Voltaic Systems array rapid solar power backpack also includes a remarkable 24,000mAh battery pack that is similar to solar power banks and that gets constantly charged using the PV cells.

This same battery backup resource can charge a phone over 7 times and an iPad over 4 times which will give you a reliable power storage source for long-term trips. Regarding charging speed times, you will need approximately 11.5 hours of Sun to completely charge the battery bank. The Voltaic Systems solar power backpack includes a wall charger that can increase your charging speed. It also features side pockets for water bottles and electronics.

Eceen Hiking

Whether the path ahead is open road or rugged trails, the Eceen Hiking is a lightweight and practical way to make sure you don’t run out of juice before you reach your destination. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, it’s a versatile choice for digital nomads.

Lifepack Anti-Theft Backpack

The Lifepack was a 2016 Kickstarter project that promised to support a work-life balance with their suite of features, most notable of which is the integrated lock. When locked it not only keeps the zippers closed, it secures the whole bag to keep someone from snatching it. A lot like a bike lock (which, incidentally, the team has also designed), the Lifepack lock consists of a stainless steel cord that wraps around any fixed object.

Energizer PowerKeep Solar Pro

Energizer’s PowerKeep Pro is the sleekest solar power backpack we’ve seen, ideal for the busy professional running between meetings all day. There are padded compartments so your laptop stays safe and an opening to allow a power cord to pass through to the solar panel. Plus, the solar panels are removable so you can still keep a classy profile when you walk into the boardroom.

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