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Buying Books and Saving Money

– Jacob Elmore,  intern at the Indianapolis Business Journal

Throughout my time in college, I’ve heard all kinds of ridiculous amounts of money that people have spent on books. Usually the range is anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

Although I have a major that isn’t textbook heavy, I still had to buy books that aren’t cheap for my early years . I’ve learned that buying books online, renting books, or buying from students is often the best route to go to save money.

Three websites that I highly suggest are,, and Slugbooks is a great site since it compares the prices of buying and renting the book on different websites. If the book you need seems to be running for $200 new, odds are you’ll find the book on Slugbooks for around $50 to buy, or less to rent. Sometimes renting a book is the most efficient way to save money, especially if the seller has free return shipping for when it’s due. If for whatever reason the book that you need doesn’t show up or the price isn’t cheap enough, try using social media such as Facebook to look for any book selling groups to join. The bigger the college, the more likely there is a group full of students trying to buy and sell books to save money. A bonus of Facebook groups is that sometimes you can also find great deals on other things you might need such as furniture.

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