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WGU Indiana Launches $30,000 Women in Technology Scholarship

Originally posted in WGU eNewsletter, October 3, 2017 As Indiana continues to cultivate workforce talent and employment opportunities for women in the male-dominant field of information technology (IT), WGU Indiana has announced fifteen new scholarships for women in any of its bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in the College of Information Technology. Each of the Women in Technology Scholarships offered through WGU Indiana is valued at up to $2,000—$500 per six-month term for up to four terms. Applications are now being accepted for these scholarships through December 31. Learn more…

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WGU Indiana is obsessed with student success

BY JOSHUA HALL Thirty-seven million Americans have some college experience but no degree. In Indiana alone there are 750,000 people who were able to start on a path to a degree but for one reason or another weren’t able to finish college. “They are full-time employees, mothers and fathers, people just like you and me who value education and want to finish college, but the responsibilities of everyday life make it very difficult or nearly impossible to imagine going back to school,” said Allison Barber, Chancellor of WGU Indiana, the…

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[DWD] Employability Skills: The Baseline for Success in all Occupations

By Amy Marsh, DWD Associate Chief Operating Officer for Business IntelligenceIn addition to academic and technical skill attainment, employers have long sought high-quality “soft skills” in their new and incumbent employees. The only problem with this aspiration is that “soft skills” were never clearly defined and do not identify the same skills from industry to industry or company to company. This creates a moving target for those who teach these skills. In response, DWD recently created Employability Skills Benchmarks that have been vetted by Hoosier employers, and enable Hoosier educational…

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5 Tips for a Better Resume

Page one. Unless you’ve been in the workforce for more than 20 years, keep your resume to one page. If you have trouble fitting all your career experience on one page, delete less-important jobs, or jobs that are not relevant to your current job search. In some fields, however, a longer resume is expected. Consider the functional resume. Listing jobs in chronological order makes sense, but you could also create a functional resume that focuses on skills you possess, such as leadership, customer service and planning, with examples. Focus on…

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